Preschool Paperwork

Weekday School parents: See the list below for what needs to be filled out - note "ALL students" or "NEW students"- if you are returning you get a break on some of these forms.


  1. Registration Application
  2. School Emergency Information Sheet - ALL STUDENTS

  3. Child Information Sheet - ALL STUDENTS

  4. Student Pick Up Sheet - ALL STUDENTS

  5. School Entrance Health Form MCH-213 - NEW STUDENTS

  6. Copy of Birth Certificate - NEW STUDENTS

  7. School Year Calendar  

  8. School supply fee - ALL STUDENTS - $100/year

  9. Parent Handbook- All parents please read 


Health Information Forms and Links:

Epi pens, diaper cream, bug spray, sunscreen, Benadryl, any prescription or over the counter "drug" requires a form signed by a doctor per Fairfax County regulations.  We strongly encourage families to apply creams and sprays before school as needed. Allergy drugs are often necessary in conjunction with epi-pens, which should be considered in the course of treatment:


Food Allergy Action Plan:

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